Emotionless Answers

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This is a blog where you ask honest/bizarre questions to Kazuya from the Tekken series. You'll get drawn answers in return often exaggerating his jerk-ass archetype. (from Olsie on Deviantart) NOTE: This isn't a long-term RP blog! If there's a long gap between posts, the muse is recharging batteries or Kazuya found and beat the shit out of me.

Asks closed until I K.O. some of these Qs. Open for special occasions

Hi! Blog is not abandoned!

Incredibly sorry for being inactive! If there’s no inspiration/ good ideas to how I respond to your asks, I refuse to reply just for the sake of replying. I like there to be quality for the followers. Bear with me through this ugly ass rut. One day, you’ll see me spontaneously plow through 6 asks in 2 days, that seems to be how it works. Thanks to those being patient.

Collabed Iscribble with www.embrace—perfection.tumblr.com and added later I added color and legs in mspaint

When my mouse spazzed out near his neck, Kazuya suddenly brought his failed clone experiment to a Heavy metal concert. YEAHHHH